Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My interview with Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting

One of the absolute best things about what I get to do at Rhino Media is that I get to meet and learn from a tremendously diverse population of people.

Some are inventors.
Some are entrepreneurs.
Some are spiritual leaders.
Some are brewers.
Some are designers.

Most of them understand and embody the spirit of "Crash On" and often help me see entrepreneurship in new and exciting ways.

In short, I'm blessed to know the people I do, and I want to share some of these with my "Crash On: The Creative Entrepreneur" audience.
I've been very excited about this series of video interviews, but I'm still dialing in some of the branding of my blog... so very likely, these videos may change a little over the next few months. But I don't want that to slow down these conversations, because there is some really fantastic insights to be had here.

So I'm excited to share my first interview with Michael Kiser, Writer/Photographer and Owner of Good Beer Hunting (Chicago, IL).  This was shot in the Good Beer Hunting studio while I was in town for the Chicago premiere of The Michigan Beer Film (At the GBH studio)

Michael has a tremendous amount of insight that I tapped into for the Michigan Beer Film. Our conversations would often weave in and out of topics such as craft beer cultural shifts, work/life balance, corporate design, the changing American palate and much more.

This conversation focused mostly on his journey, lessons he's learned and being intentional on managing work/life balance.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.
Crash on.

Monday, April 7, 2014

It's Easy To Criticize From The Sideline.

It's easy to criticize while standing on the sideline.
Playing it safe, watching other people try and fail and try and fail...

I often find that the people who have the least amount of experience are the ones with the most amount of opinions (and the least amount of social/intellectual filters in sharing them).
As soon as you start putting yourself out there, you're going to have people say what you could/should have done better.
I believe this is a fundamental truth of human condition, essentially it's unavoidable.

So what can you do?
Ignore the negativity.

Why do people criticize?
My experience is that it's primarily a defense mechanism derived from their own fears and insecurities.
So why give it your precious time and energy?

Here's the thing...
I believe that suffering and struggle begets wisdom.
Wisdom that people on the sideline can never attain because they fail to do at all.
Without doing, they can never draw from the experiences that grow them into who they could be.

So if you're reading this and you like to drag people down... cut that junk out.
As cliché as it sounds... get in the game, then see how your perspective changes.
It's way too easy to criticize from the sideline.

Remember: If you try at something, you WILL fall down... What determines your success if getting up off your back and press on.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I mean when I say, "Crash On"

What I mean when I say, "Crash On"

We can't always see what's in front of us. 

We can't always know. 
But we go forth, because that's what Rhino's do.
Not living out of fear of what may come, but crashing through - regardless of circumstance. 
Making our futures greater than our pasts. 

Crash on.