Thursday, June 26, 2014

LINCHPIN - Trevor Klimek from Paw Paw Brewing Co

It's really easy to show up to work.
It's really easy to do your job well enough.
It's really easy to hit your goals. 
It's really easy to follow a recipe.
It's really easy to do exactly what your told to do.

But this guy is special.
He lights up any room he walks into.
Hugs everyone.
Is the first to offer help.
Has an incredible knowledge base.
Is willing to share it freely.

He is a human.
His work is an art form. 
His name is Trevor.
He is a brewer at Paw Paw Brewing Company.

He is the definition of a Linchpin.
How do you replace a guy like that?
You don't.
You just treat him well and allow him to thrive. 

(This is Trevor, singing with the band.)