Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rhino Media's Core Values

I'm into core values. As long as they are true and living and breathing and evident in everyday functions of a company, I love them.

But if they just live in the organizational documents or on a plaque somewhere collecting dust, then they, of course, lose relevance.

My company, Rhino Media, has developed a set of core values that I feel rock. Let me know what you think.  I'm actually still in the process of tweaking this list, bare with me.

Humility - We do not portray ourselves as cocky or arrogant in house or to our clients.

Hard Work - We don't sit around and talk, we do. 

Competency - We are learners. We expect all Rhino's to know their craft well. BUT - not be afraid to admit they don't know something. 

Personal Accountability - We don't blame others for our mistakes. 

Purpose - We live our lives personally and professionally with a sense of purpose. We are SUPPOSED to be doing this.

Intentionality - A lot like purpose.  Setting my direction every day. 

Respect - We respect each other, respect our clients and their timelines and their communication styles, respect other producers work and creativity.

Honesty - There is absolutely no room for lying of any kind at Rhino Media. 

Greatness - We are not satisfied with mediocracy. We are always striving to become great, as our friend Greg Jennings would say - Every day is a great day to be great. 

That's my working list. 
Let me know yours!

This is me, the bear.

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