Monday, January 7, 2013

Stress is a choice

"Stress is a choice. Do you buy that?
Some people have a hard time with the idea. They think it's the people and events in our lives that stress us out - management, colleagues, customers, the boss, traffic, weather, market conditions - but it isn't true.

Yes, bad things happen: The economy sours, our business struggles, the stock market tumbles, jobs are lost, people around us don't follow through, deadlines are missed, projects fail, good people leave. Life is full of these.
But still,
Stress is a choice.

Because whatever the "trigger event" we always choose our own response. We choose to react angrily. We choose to stuff our emotions and keep quiet. We choose to worry."

- John Miller, QBQ (Question behind the Question)

This is a tremendous little book that we, as a team, are going through at Rhino Media Productions.
The aim of the book is to eliminate victim mentality and blame, something just about every human being can fall into if they are not disciplining their thoughts.

I recommend this book to anyone, particularly ones in leadership or ones that want to grow as individuals.

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